“My pieces function as maps or diagrams of the spatial experience, fused with passages of floating color and ancient texture…I have reached a sense of equilibrium that embraces¬† historical, environmental, social, and aesthetic concerns.” Betty Wilde-Biasiny



7. BWB_Blizzared_2

The Blizzard, 2, 2015. watercolor on arches board, 16 x 20″

SACI Gallery

3 Responses to About

  1. Iona Kleinhaut says:

    Congratulations on the Firenze exhibition.

  2. Hey there,…….we used to hang out down in Athens, we both got our BFAs back then,
    I just thought of you, out of the blue, because of Face Book,….been looking up old chums and
    what not,……Always wondered what happened to you,…..looks like you are very successful,
    I have old photos of us, doing stuff,….I visited you at your family home one x-mas, in King of Prussia PA,…..fun times. Lots of great memories, from those years,……O.U. years the best times of my life. I Live in Columbus,OH, been here since 1977. Earned my MFA at OSU in 1979.
    After grad. school I became a sculptor/furniture maker, dropped printmaking.
    Through Face Book, reconnected with some of my fellow Artisans. I’m ‘friends’ in that sort of vague way with some other OU characters. Take care,….corresponding optional.
    An old friend,……David Ettinger

    • Hi David,
      I am the BW that you remember! Though now I am BWB: Betty Wilde-Biasiny, married with one daughter now 20 years old.
      We sure had fun back in the day, visiting MoMA, hundreds of galleries, lots of great work being borne.
      Send me your web-site or other info about your furniture works.

      all the best,

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